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Nestled nearby the serene Lake Corpus Christi, Mathis is more than just a lake town. It’s a vibrant community brimming with opportunities, a rich history, and a promising future. From our historic downtown undergoing a dynamic transformation to the beautiful Castle at the Lake, Mathis is a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

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As we welcome a new brewery in the heart of our town, revitalizing the Old Mathis Cotton Gin, we’re also setting the stage for more businesses and industries to join our thriving community. With a focus on downtown revitalization, we’re committed to enhancing the heart of Mathis while preserving its distinct character.

Lakeside Serenity

Embrace the calm of Lake Corpus Christi, with flexible access to parks and water activities, ensuring a peaceful retreat that fits any schedule.

Small-Town Charm

Discover the quaint streets of Mathis, where every visit offers memorable moments, from local BBQ joints to historical landmarks that tell tales of Texas.

Community Pride

Mathis is built on strong community values, offering quality experiences through its welcoming locals and the well-preserved natural beauty of South Texas.

Helpful Hospitality

Experience the warmth of Mathis with support from locals who are always ready to assist, making every trip seamless, 24/7, rain or shine.

Travelers Love the Area

I LOOOOOOVED this place!! There are state parks all over, they rarely are this big and offer so many amenities. We tent camped here for 3 nights! The camping, fishing (and clean"ing station), the trails, bird watching, fire pits/grilling, lake, swimming, boat slips, sunset was so much to do here! "
Lake Corpus Christi July 6, 2020
"Stellar, nice and clean restaurant. The service was great and by far one of the absolute best burgers I've had in years. The quality of the ingredients stands out."
Van's Burgers December 2023
"Was there for the solar eclipse and it was fantastic. The hotel was so accommodating the front desk were wonderful. Breakfast was outstanding hope to return for the next one. The housekeeping department was very friendly."
La Quinta Inn October 2023

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